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Welcome to Words Are Swords Publishing (WASP)

Words Are Swords is the only publishing agency to offer professional-quality book marketing services individually. This à la carte style publishing allows savvy authors to hand-pick each step in their marketing campaign.

What does WASP do?

In a traditional book publishing model,  the publisher buys the rights to a book from the author for a small sum of money, sometimes given in advance of the book’s completion. When the book is published, it’s the publisher who decides where the money from book sales goes.

Since the author of the book sold all future rights, they often have little to no say when it comes to things like merchandising and adapting the book into to a movie. Some, but not all, traditional book publishers are well-known for their predatory actions against talented writers. Horror stories where the author of a New York Times bestselling book doesn’t see a penny from book sales until years later, if at all, we’re commonplace prior to the advent of self-publishing.

Traditionally published authors report between 5% to 15% royalties from the sales of each eBook, paperback, hardcover, or audiobook.

Alternatively, with the self-publishing model, the author sends their book directly to a retailer, such as Amazon, where it is immediately listed for sale for a sizable fee. Although the author remains in full control over the book’s copyright and sales revenue, the quality of a book and the overall reading experience are potentially compromised by removing the element of a traditional publisher, who goes through great lengths to ensure all books are correctly formatted and error free.

According to Statisa.com, 76% of self-published authors make their books available for sale without consulting any 3rd parties, including editors or cover designers..

Sadly, the exponential growth of self-published books over the last few years has been accompanied with a steady decrease in book quality, and fewer readers as a result. Despite more than 4 million books being self-published in 2019, book reading around the globe has been on a steady decline since 2007.

Today, WASP offers authors a new kind of publishing experience. We believe that every author should have access to the same experienced editors, cover artists,  marketers, and every literary professional that they normallywould with a traditional publisher at reasonable prices.

Since 2015, Words Are Swords has been helping indie authors take control of their career in the literary industry by providing quintessential educational tools, personalized book marketing strategies, and access to hundreds of professionals who are invested in the success of the authors they work with.

Our mission has always been to get more people around the world to enjoy the magic of a good book. We’re working towards this goal every day by making sure authors not only produce high-quality books, but also sell enough copies to turn exceptional writing into an exceptional career.

From here, you can browse our extensive list of individual author services or request a quote and one of our literary industry professionals will help create a personalized book marketing strategy tailored specifically for you.