Mastermind Group for Authors

For writers who are serious about taking their career to the next level, joining the Words Are Swords Mastermind Group for Authors is one of the best ways to ensure your book business maintains steady growth month after month.

The Words Are Swords Mastermind Group for Authors is a small group of authors who meet over video chat once each month for about 90-minutes to discuss their short-term career goals, long-term career goals, and how they plan to connect the smaller goals to their one big goal.

Here are what two of our members have to say about joining a mastermind group for authors.

“I have two little girls and two little boys and a husband who also works from home, but before I joined a mastermind group for authors I felt completely lonely and isolated. I had no one who could relate to the problems I was going through in my self-publishing business and no one who I could go to for book marketing advice.”

The biggest problem in the book marketing industry is that there is so much noise out there and no uniform way to do things. This causes many self-published authors to waste time pursuing book marketing tactics that don’t apply to them, or like one of our members, it can cause “analysis paralysis”.

“What I like about the mastermind group is it’s honest, transparent, and everyone holds each other accountable. It’s such a good feeling knowing that every month I’m moving forward in my career as an author alongside other successful authors. I honestly never thought I’d get here.”

What are the benefits of joining a mastermind group for authors?

There are many different types of mastermind groups for authors out there, and each one offers a unique perspective with its own focus and set of goals. How to Words Are Swords Mastermind Group for Authors differs from other groups is that our main focus is accountability.

Each month we track the progress of all members and then take turns brainstorming ideas on the best way for that person to move closer to their goal. By the end of each meeting, each member will have several action items to accomplish in the 30 days before the following meeting.

Members of the Words Are Swords Mastermind Group for Authors pay dues of $27 a month or $300 annually. The dues contribute to things like workbooks, special guest speakers from publishing industry veterans, and testing new book marketing tools (occasionally, the group will decide to run tests on a new book marketing tool and all members are given a budget to run ads for their respective books).

How do I join a mastermind group for authors?

Because mastermind groups for authors work best in small groups (no more than 6 authors in each group), space is extremely limited and open spots go pretty fast. Please use the form below to sign up and we’ll do everything we can to make sure new members are able to join the group in less than 30 days.