Steven Matthews

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Bestselling author Steven Matthews has lived a life full of adventure and intrigue. Born into poverty, Steven had to learn a variety of skills to survive. He’s worked as an app developer for a while, then opened series of restaurants, then started a cannabis growing operation, built it up, and sold it. He used the money to build and live in a tiny house for a few years while traveling around North America meeting people and doing odd jobs, he wanted to see more. When he realized he couldn’t take his house across the ocean, Steven sold it and moved to China for a few years… That’s when things got interesting.

Today, Steven lives in the desert outskirts of Las Vegas in a house he built himself. Together with his American Eskimo, Gala (Portuguese for “Lady Killer”), Steven is determined to catalog all of the information he’s picked up over the years by writing a new book each week. He hopes to hit 100 published books by next year.

Books by Steven Matthews 

Learn to Conquer Any Fear, Phobia, or Anxiety in Under 60-Minutes

This book explains the fundamental strategy that people around the world use to conquer their fears and phobias permanently! Even the most stubborn of irrational phobias can be conquered, thereby lowering your stress levels and dramatically improving your health. All it takes is 60 minutes of your time. What have you got to lose?

YOUR CLOTHES ARE KILLING YOU! The Little -Known Fact About How Some Fabrics Heal & Some Can Kill

This book is a deep dive into the fascinating world of fabrics, and if “fascinating fabrics” sounds like an oxymoron to you, then just try and say that after reading this book! You don’t have to be a seamstress, sewing machine junkie, or even a fan of fashion to benefit from this book, and who knows? It may even save your life.

The Laws of Persuasion, Manipulation & Influence

This book will help you to better understand these laws and gives situational examples of how they can be used to influence others. You will also learn the principles of influence in dark persuasion psychology that are proven to work on the human brain.

Homestead Secrets

Homestead Secrets is the perfect book for dreamers who are still weighing the options of starting a homestead and homestead beginners who are just starting out, as well as intermediate homesteaders who just need a few more good ideas on how to make money homesteading or marketing the products and services they currently produce on the homestead.

Everything but the Wood Tiny House Essential Information + Free Tiny House Building Blueprints & Floor Plans

The author understands that building your first Tiny House can be scary! Rest assured that all of the tools in this one book will arm you with the knowledge and confidence you need to build a tiny home that will be an endless source of adventure for generations to come – No experience necessary!

101 Marijuana Horticulture Secrets

This book was written to help beginner and intermediate growers with common problems which all cannabis growers will experience eventually. These are the tried-and-true experiences of a veteran grower who speaks from experience. Everything contained in 101 Marijuana Horticulture Secrets is 100% real and advice you can count on.

Perfection is a Lie: A Weight-Positive Book of Body Acceptance, Self-Esteem & Confidence

PERFECTION IS A LIE is the body-positive book that understands what teenagers are going through will help walk them through building healthy expectations when it comes to self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-image.